Mini blogs instead of Maxi Blogs

Twitter is my new indispensable site in Internet. It helps me to share my feeling,  happennings, and ideas  with my followers at the same time. Some users of twitter think that it strict us to define our feeling between 140 characters. Is it right ?

May be, Twitter permits you to enter max 140 characters. Instead of Facebook “What’s on your mind ?”, I don’t know Fb which permits to enter how many characters apart from permits more characters entering than Twitter.

According to me,twitters and its similiars as mini blogs gives more freedom than maxi blogs (ex: this blog). It’s reason you can share any feelings anywhere. And you don’t have to give readers even more information about you or your works.

Just an example; If I have been writing this blog entry  in twitter “I am more confortable being here than being maxi blog”

That’s all…

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